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3 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. I appreciate the wonderful care that you gave to our Pooter and how gentle you were with him when we had to put him to sleep. I appreciate the sympathy card that you send to us after his death. Thank you for that. Jan

  2. We want to Thank everyone there for all that you did for our Fiesty. The kindness and care that she was given will never be forgotten by us. A special Thank You for allowing us to come and say goodbye to her, that meant alot to both of us. We really appreciated the flowers that you sent after her passing. We can’t say Thank You enough to all of you. Kay & Tom

  3. I love your web site. It’s great to see the lovely pictures and learn so much about everyone. Now I know why you all give so much to the companion animals that visit you (or, in Chester’s case) help you out in the office!!!