Our Team

Dr. Lorrie Bartloff, DVM

Dr. Lorrie is a full-time Veterinarian and owner of Clayview Animal Clinic. She is a 1995 graduate of Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her areas of special interest include acupuncture and alternative medical therapies. She currently lives in Berrien Springs, MI with her husband, daughter, and son.


Dr. Lorrie’s Pets:

“Oscar” DSH Cat born in 2003

“Parker” Golden Retriever born in 2007

“Marshmallow” DSH Cat born in 2012


Dr. Lisa Thompson, DVM

Dr. Lisa is a full-time associate veterinarian at Clayview.  Dr. Lisa grew up in Niles, MI on a small family farm and joined the Clayview team in 2006.  She received her BS from Andrews University in 2007 and her DVM from the University of Minnesota in 2012.  Her areas of special interest include cardiology and dentistry in companion animals. Dr. Lisa promotes preventative medicine to help pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives.  Dr. Lisa currently resides in Niles.



Dr. Lisa’s Pets:

“Sox” DLH cat born in 2001

Emily Nichols

Veterinary Receptionist and Approved Veterinary Assistant

Emily is a native of Bellefontaine, Ohio and joined Clayview in the spring of 2004. She now calls South Bend home with her husband and all her pets. Emily enjoys spending time with her family, running, dancing, playing guitar, playing with her doggies, and watching football.  Emily enjoys working with pets because it’s very rewarding, and their little kisses and wags mean so much. Pets put a smile on her face no matter what type of day she is having.


Emily’s Pets:

“Reggie” Boxer/Beagle mix born in 2007

“Doyle” Boston Terrier born in 2008

“Belle” Boxer born in 2009

Megan Barcus

Approved Veterinary Assistant

Megan is originally from Bellefontaine, Ohio, and joined our team in summer of 2007. She become an Approved Veterinary Assistant in April, 2013. She currently lives in Osceola, IN with her husband and 2 sons. Megan’s hobbies include working out and spending time with friends and family. Megan enjoys working with pets, because she loves to take care of them and help them. They put a smile on her face no matter what mood she is in.


Megan’s Pet:

“Brynn” Staffordshire Terrier born in 2001


Betty Goodin

Veterinary Receptionist

Betty lives in South Bend, IN and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Betty’s hobbies include spending time with her grandchildren and dogs, knitting, crocheting, gardening, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Betty enjoys working with pets because she has always enjoyed their companionship, loyalty, and friendship. Her pets are her best friends.


Betty’s Pets:

“Kalee” Sheltie born in 2007

Michelle Serry

Approved Veterinary Assistant

Michelle became a member of our team in February 2008. She successfully completed the exam to become an Approved Veterinary Assistant in April, 2013. Michelle lives in New Carlisle with her mom, dad, and 3 sisters. Michelle’s hobbies include cooking, gardening, and horseback riding. She enjoys working with pets, because she has always lived on a farm and likes to help animals.


Michelle’s Pets:

“Sadie” Jack Russell Terrier born in 2002

“Bailey” Mastiff born in 2012

“Roscoe” Beagle mix born in 2016


Samantha Haines

Veterinary Technician Student

Samantha has been a part of our team since the fall of 2008. Sam currently lives in South Bend with all her pets. She is currently attending Cedar Valley College. Sam enjoys working with pets, because she really cares for them and loves to take care of them. Sam’s hobbies include working, school, friends, and shopping.






Samantha’s Pets:

“Nirvy” DSH born in 2010

“Diesel” English Bulldog born in 2013

“Bruce” Bearded Dragon born in 2011

Laura Van ScarBorough, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Laura graduated from Brown Mackie College in May 2010 as a veterinary technician. She started working at Clayview Animal Clinic in March 2011. She enjoys music, playing guitar, singing, and writing songs. She is currently involved in a local cover band called, “Cousin Vinny.” She is interested in autism research, Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary, and vegetarian cooking.


Laura’s Pets:


“Ernie” Terrier Mix born in 2008

“Lula Belle” Chihuahua Mix born in 2009



Lynette (640x501)Lynnette Loch

Veterinary Receptionist

Lynette originated from Laporte, IN and currently lives in Mishawaka.  She joined the Clayview team in October 2012 with 10 years of experience in the veterinary field.  Lynette studied animal science at PNC and has an animal care specialist certification from IU Northwest. Her hobbies include fishing, reading, bowling, darts, pool, and watching sports.  Lynette enjoys working with pets, because she loves all pets and it is the only career that has made her truly happy.




Lynette’s Pets

“Nike” female Parakeet


Alyssa (640x501)Alyssa Rutkowski

Veterinary Kennel Assistant

Alyssa joined the Clayview team in 2013 as a kennel assistant and is in training to become a veterinary assistant.  She is currently attending Purdue North Central and plans to continue a career with animals as a technician or zoology. Alyssa enjoys pets because they are more than family. Pets are your best friends and to help keep them safe and alive feels great.  She likes helping them and knowing that they will always be there for you. Her hobbies include dancing, working with the animals at the clinic or at home playing and taking care of her own!


Alyssa’s Pets

“Justice” German Shepherd Dog

“General” English Bulldog

“Dakota” Boxer

“Scoobie” Golden Retriever 

“Nay-nay” DSH

“Jasper” DSH

“Phoebe” Macaw

“Elvis” Turtle



samantha (640x505)
Samantha Reade, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Samantha joined the Clayview team in 2014. She graduated from Brown Mackie College.



Samantha’s Pets

“Aurora” Golden Retriever born in 2015


Katelyn (640x505)Katelyn King

Veterinary Kennel Assistant

Katelyn joined the Clayview team in June 2014 as a kennel assistant and is in training to become a veterinary assistant.  Her hobbies include spending time outdoors, listening to music and playing with her pets.


Katelyn’s Pets

“Java” Terrier Mix born in 2016



Michelle Holston

Veterinary Assistant

Michelle joined the Clayview team in 2014 as a veterinary assistant. Her hobbies include gardening and keeping up with all her pets.  Michelle can be found at the local racetracks on the weekends.


Megan Ford

Veterinary Kennel Assistant

Megan joined the Clayview team in 2015 as a kennel assistant.